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Saturday, March 16, 2013

On Reading of Karbala

Since there is no absolute morality, we are not granted license to do whatever we want, but are forced to assume the burden of acting as the sources of morality.
Up until now, many of us thought we were free from obligations, but we cannot duck the burden of being good.

If we feel there is no God, we are not left alone in atheism, but are impelled to assume the burden of undertaking a quest to discover God.
Atheism is merely a reflection of the vacuum and void of ideals we are experiencing...not as individuals, for there are many, many good people, but as a group and as a species: we keep finding that the evils of the greater group - the society in which we find ourselves - overwhelms all the good intentions of the good people within it.

We are faced with either the heat death of the universe or a new beginning.
The trials of our present age are the steps leading to the future where we will implement the morality of the extended mind of humanity. Unfortunately, in order to establish our individual morality, we have to walk through this fire of the present age... I do not like it one bit.

Our world is becoming one vast Play of the Passion of the Christ, even though we keep hoarding in our little hearts the wish that it were Pesach, and the angel with the sword would bypass our homes... but we must suffer -  for without YazidHussayn would not have died for the greater community.

We are in the time of the destroyers, but after our suffering, we shall indeed overcome.

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