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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Latin (and Greek and Others)

I had the temerity and the audacious nitpickiness to correct someone's Latin the other day.

She-who-must-be-obeyed shook her head, saying that there so few other people that shared my interest in Latin, and why should I be the epitome of Tediousness and annoy them? Why should I act like Ned Ryder in Brideshead Revisited ?  Mr. Ryder at least had the saving grace of being the witty creation of Evelyn Waugh, and who can ever think of Sir John Gielgud again without hearing Mr. Ryder's dissertation upon the basic dinners his cook prepared, and the possible permutations and combinations thereon?

Well and good.

In my own defense, I can only say that I run five days a week, and one day of the five I review Latin verbs and Greek verbs, another day the Hollow and Weak Arabic verbs, and on a third day the Cree Indian verb paradigms.
I often add the ways they construct If..., Then clauses, as well as the sequence of tenses for Latin and Greek.
(If I get mixed up, I have paradigms printed on a piece of paper in my pocket which I pull out and look for a street light to read under...., I am an early runner and I do have a lot of mixological  - that is, getting mixed up, not being a bartender - events in the morning. The word mixology is very ambiguous.)


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