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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Intel Diz

Which is how people "in the know" now refer to the stodgy (i.e., goofy) philosophy of Intelligent Design, now that it has become stylish ( as in "de stijl") and fashionable:

 Intel Diz Barcalounger,1200,0xffffff
Old Timey Philosophy Barcalounger

It is apparent - quite immediately - that new time Intel Diz puts old timey Logic and Philosophy to shame, and mocks the quaint Victorianess of Evolution. (Or, as Sponge Bob would say "eeee-voooo-LUUU-shun" quite in the charming manner he pronounces "imagination" in that episode where he and Patrick are playing in the TV shipping box and Squidward is - as is usual - flummoxed.)

There is even going to be a show on HGTV about the Intel Diz boys and girls, who are going to be loveable characters who go about the universe spiffing the old place up and flushing bad design out of the galactic backwaters!

As mentioned before, the Intel Diz website is  Art Progress And Neat Animal Of The Day
and the last entry was July 21, 2009. 
That is slow posting, but we know the millstones of the gods grind slowly. 
I joined up to follow today; I want to get a heads-up on the latest trends in Higg's Boson Kitchens and Pulsar counter tops.
I'd like some recipes using the insulating topology of garlic bulbs, too. Martha Stewart did that once, and I forgot how to do it.


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