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Monday, March 11, 2013


 President Obama

I am beginning to rethink things.
The fact that only Senator Paul and a few others managed to stand up for due process for American citizens has made me look again at politics: the craven Republicans and the knavish Democrats.

I am rethinking President Obama, too.
That certainly does not mean that I could ever think Romney would have been anything but a disaster, but it means that I should be very careful whom I support in the future.

Hafez Al Assad

Over the weekend, Der Spiegel and others reported on people in American uniform instructing Syrian rebels. I suppose that if the government were to admit to it, they would call them "advisors", a term they have always used.
So we are paying to have a once stable regime which at least practiced tolerance to its many minorities - Christians included - aggressively destabilized by the Salafi rebels backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  King Abdullah
I suppose the intent is to control things when the rebels take over.... just like we did in Libya.
We cannot control ourselves, much less the desires and hatreds of others.


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