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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Rationals for the Second Amendment

Recently, I stated that the Second Amendment was put in place to make sure that large armed groups could be readily established for whatever purposes society requires.

These purposes were those of

(1) War for societies of the late 1700's; a militia would have no place in today's wars of atomic weapons and drones,

(2) fighting against Native populations, and

(3) fighting against slave rebellions.

Since militias have no place in our society's wars - except in films like Red Dawn - and the Indians have been through genocide and back, and the slaves have been freed, what happens to things like the Second Amendment?

Obviously, it either withers away, or it seeks a new rationale for existence.

(I do not mean to imply anything about gun ownership; I am only interested in the dynamics of what is going on with guns in America today.)


E.P. Rush said...

According to my heavily armed friends, owning a large collection of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition is to insure against government tyranny. While they admit that in an all-out ground war between them and this country's military the established military would in all probability prevail eventually, they seem to take comfort with the idea that Native Americans held out against the government for many years. With vague references to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and even vaguer references to the Ubber-Socialist Obama, apparently they figure that somehow it's all going to come down to the ultimate Cage Fight/NASCAR race to the death, and it's better to die with a gun in your hand than hands in the air. Oh, and they like to hunt. These people are the reason we have liquor stores.

Montag said...

Right you are.
This is a favorite reason for firearms, especially large numbers of them.

Perhaps these people are not polled...

I think you make the point even clearer that this reason for weaponry has absolutely nothing to do with the Second Amendment in its original form.

Whether we wish to indulge in these apocalyptic notions now is up to us to decide.