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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paradox of Parables 2: Cooking

We posed the question:
How could Jesus give power to a small group of leaders and send them forth to convert the world, since He must have known full well that one of the biggest fruits of a church of many believers would be worldy possessions and riches...
those very material things which would make it difficult if not impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven?
and gave an answer:

but the answer was a bit long and tended to wander around the things cluttering up my own private Idaho mind space.

So, the answer is that the command was to preach, but not to amass, accumulate, and consolidate. Indeed, we might wish to assume that if the preferred business model consisted of 12 equal individuals who did not gain wealth nor did they gain even immunity from persecution, that the way things were to go was to be sort of a guerilla campaign of the spirit...

instead of having fortified hamlets, the word was to be spread by hit and run campaigns.

Now, once a Christian community was established, it already probably inhabited a geographical locus, so we now would have consolidation. However, consolidation of a group of the faithful by the accidents of birth and geography is not the same thing as consolidation of the proselytizing effort into a Mega-Church.

Religion is all what you make of it; it is a recipe of so many parts you and so many parts of the Holy. Sometimes the cooking has too much you in it.

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