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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Invades Earth !

The Rubicon Engorged By Spring Rains

deep set eyes of pompey Winter
retreat to their last stand;
Spring invades italy, 
like green caesar riding
upon a rubicon of rain. 


I think this is what poetry is:  a "making" and "putting together" of joy and enchantment, for the spectre of  "Pompey Winter"  -  Pompeius Hiems - and his defeat are indeed stark;
the "green" Caesar  who crosses the Rubicon is marvelous potent with his army of veterans whose every step germinates the soil....
Hints of April showers bringing whatever in May....

There is a "caespes" which makes one think of Caesar, caespes meaning"a grassy field", "a bed of plants", and "sod" and "a sod hut".

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