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Monday, March 25, 2013

Time For A Nuclear Discussion

pix: Shan and James/ Bloomberg
It is time to deal with nuclear weapons in a thoroughgoing and rational way.

Niels Bohr warned us even before the Trinity test showed that atomic weapons were possible and real that those weapons had a complementarity: they were a two edged sword; atomic power can bring benefits and destruction.

This complementarity of atomic power is the reason that mankind will find themselves compelled to institute a rational process of negotiated agreements about atomic power in order to survive.

We have ignored this, just as we have ignored the mounting public debt, just as we have ignored the nuclear waste at Hanford, Washington where the small community was depopulated to make room in 1943 for the production of plutonium for the Manhattan Project.

Rational approaches do not usually include "pretending" that one of our allies - Israel - does not have any such weapons. It's a small thing, but it indeed is part of our process of self-deception.

Modern Nuclear-War Deterrence Begins With Nuke Locks
By Tim Weiner


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