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Friday, March 22, 2013

Blah, blah, and blah

"...Too often the science-religion debate has been allowed to remain the province of a special-interest group, rather than being challenged and stimulated from other parts of theology..."
 Science and Religion debate because they are Matter versus Spirit, and both seek to establish systems that are - at least in the minds of scientists and theologians - Complete and Consistent.

A Complete systems covers all pertinent phenomena, a Consistent System contains no internal contradictions that by their very nature must remain contradictory.

Truth in both systems is Logical Truth, which carries Truth from the basic assumptions all along wherever their experiments and theories and mishnah may lead them.

Science and Religion are The Jets and The Sharks, fighting over the very same turf.

If such systems were seen as self-destroying, that is, the object of such systems is freedom from all systems, they would see things very differently, rather than searching for their Grand Unified Theories of Everything.

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