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Friday, March 15, 2013

Notes On Violence 03/15/2013: Justifications


February 13, 2013 – In an interview with WND’s “Radio America” program, National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent states, “Defiance is the heart and soul of the American experiment in self-government.  We had to defy the king.  We had to defy the emperor.  We had to defy the tyrants, and sometimes we had to meet them at Concord Bridge and blow their brains out.  I like defiance.”

I know which king Mr. Nugent is referring to; it is King George III.

I am unclear on which emperor we had to defy. Perhaps it was a Holy Roman Emperor? Or the Austrian emperor, Franz Josef? Or possibly the Kaiser.

I am unclear on the other tyrants referred to. Perhaps those who put down the Whisky Rebellion... like George Washington.

The debate is not about guns; the debate is about Society and Deadly Violence. In particular, it is about where and when society needs armed groups to achieve its ends.
We have not required armed groups recently; we have not been in a conceptual space wherein we feel the need for armed and regulated groups to achieve the right degree of compulsion for social internal needs. However, we have transformed to a space wherein we feel the need for armed individuals who remain essentially unorganized: once these armed individuals achieve a degree of organization, they are considered domestic terrorists... so we remain focused on the armed individual... that is what we talk about.

But as Mr. Nugent demonstrates, it is not difficult to cross the Rubicon into a state of insurrection, where our Ideals are justified by our Arms and Weapons, contrary to the intentions of the Founding Fathers where our Weapons were justified by our Ideals.


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