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Friday, March 15, 2013

Why I Lack Taste And Style


From The Huffington Post Section on TASTE
Photos: The Best Beards Of Craft Beer

Treat Yo Self (With Food)

Drink Your Way Through St. Paddy's Day

Why 'The Taste' Fell Flat

Relationships 101: How To Master Your Oven

Dinner in 10: Croque Madame 

I do not know what to make of these, other than to be offended by the connection between public drunkenness and St. Patrick, and to be superciliously bored by beards of beer - craft or otherwise.

I cringe at any food with the word "Croque" in it, since I always read it as "Suffoque", and Croque Madame becomes some sort of Blue Beard's bruschetta.

Sometimes I miss the fun of cirrhotic pastimes like drinking to excess in honor of a saint. There is a Pub Crawl in Port Huron in honor of Padraic. If it weren't for booze holidays and holy days, most of the downtowns in Vanishing America would already be but a memory.

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