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Saturday, April 27, 2013


From the Ottawa Citizen:

Truth and Reconciliation: What Joe Canadian needs to know
By Steve Bonspiel, Special to The Gazette April 26, 2013
MONTREAL - The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada opened hearings Wednesday in Montreal at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel that will run through Saturday — and there are a number of reasons you should be there.
The commission was created after the $1.9-billion residential-schools settlement in 2007 between the government of Canada (along with partner Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist churches) and the Assembly of First Nations.
Frank disclosure of the atrocities committed at church-run, government-backed residential schools have finally started to come out into the open since the settlement. An apology by all federal political parties, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the House of Commons in 2008, was seen as a step forward...
Progressive countries deal with their past, and try to build for the future.

The US Congress has apologized for enslaving populations and moving whole nations and genocide, but we have never addressed the karmic inheritance for these actions. If you do not believe that the heinous sins of the fathers are visited upon the heads of their children, you are willfully obtuse.
Case in point, we are still reaping the harvest of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which began over 60 years ago.


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