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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hari Seldon's Time Vault

Hari Seldon
note: I used a photo of Asa Kasher to represent Hari Seldon.

The Time Vault opened again yesterday. Most of my friends do not attend, thinking that "time vault" is some sort of hop, skip, and jump Olympic-type sports thing, only in time as well as space, and they are too jaded to care what prognostications come from the Foundation on Terminus anymore. 
In fact, most of them think that Dune's Shaddam IV is no other than a thinly veiled representation of Saddam Hussein, presciently written just before Saddam came to power in a big way. 

They would rather plug into Big Media: turn on, tune in, and really substantially drop out from anything meaningful.

Anyway, so Hari Seldon pops into view, still smoking a cigarette, by the way. These videos were made many years ago. 
So Hari Seldon is there, and he like sez so, meh, so we're well on the way to a police-military-intelligence-weaponized state, and he paints a pretty good description of the good old USA going around killing blokes with "aero-drones" (as he cutely calls them), and how our habit of killing scads of people who happen to be having tea in the same restaurant that the 3rd most important organizer of Al Qa'ida does, sort of comes back to haunt us by making people want to come here and bomb us.

Oh, then some stuff about flash crashes of stock markets and loss of liquidity...


So he ends, like, saying he voted fer Romney, ha-ha, hack and cough, ha-ha... just kiddin' ! But seriously, he sez it's like we already should have the answer of what to do. Doh!
Well, if we had any glimmer of what to do, we would not be traipsing to the time vault, would we? I'm just asking.


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