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Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Second Battle Of Karbala in 1434 H.

Mr. Kerry and Saud ibn al Faisal

There is no doubt anymore that US policy is intent on destroying the power of Islam that traces back to 'Ali and his son, Hussein. In effect, we seem ready to obey the orders of the Sunni dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, so as to aid them in their battle against the Shi'a of Iran and Syria  -  not to mention Bahrain, against whom Saudi Arabia has sent troops to quell their own "Arab Spring"  -  whom they perceive as heretics and enemies.

We have taken sides in a religious war...., once again, just as we once stumbled into such a conflict in Iraq. We show no desire for a peaceful settlement. Our media are filled with accounts and pictures of the "good" Syrian rebel forces and the depradations of the "bad" Syrian Army forces.

Once again, we have taken the easy descent to chaos...
Once again, I find myself turning my face against a government which refuses to see beyond our own insularity and our own lack of understanding and our own culture of warfare.

(1434 H. is the year in the Islamic calendar, the 1,434th year after the Hijrat)


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