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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nutritional Economics 101

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The genetically modified corn of Monsanto  (GMO corn) has less nutritional value than Non-GMO corn.
GMO corn costs the same or more than Non-GMO corn.

N = nutritional value of corn at time 0
M = money value of corn at time 0

When I buy it at the store, I exchange M units of money for N units of nutrition.
N = M 

By substituting GMO corn with Non-GMO corn which has a value N'  less than N

N' = M'     where M' => M    and   N' < N     this is not possible.

Assuming that profits must remain at the level M', we must add something to the left side of the equation.
We call this PR  for Public Relations efforts covering advertising to lobbying Congress:

N' + PR = M'
(we are paying for the nutrition value and the PR efforts)

There is a sense in which the consumer trades Nutrition for Public Relations (since profits M remain at a certain level and accepting GMO corn with less nutritive value), and is thus funding their own malnutrition.


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