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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Trouble With Basketball

There is a video from Rutgers about the basketball coach, a Mr. Price.
I will not describe it, because you may watch it anywhere.

The Today Show is interviewing Mike Lupica, a sports columnist, and he thinks any coach that touches a player should be fired. I suppose he means "touches" in the sense of "hits" or "kicks" or something like that. I suppose he means any touch other than a neutral nudge. Who knows anymore?

Everyone is wringing their collective hands in the morning segment of the 2 Minute Hate. ("Hate" may be too strong a word, but the media types are howling.)
Even LeBron James Tweeted his condemnation.

I played sports for a long time.
I have no trouble nor stress when I remember the coach yelling at me or kicking me or whatever.

However, I will never forget things like this idiotic country of zombies walking into Iraq.
I cannot forget things like 2011 and a Debt Ceiling and a Know-Nothing Congress.
I will never forget Michigan starting to tax seniors' pensions in 2012..... never.
And my response to all those will be served... cold.
I cannot forget abuse and offense like that. But my memory of Big Wally Bazelewicz cursing my lazy dog manner of shuffling down court brings a smile to my face.

I guess the Rutgers coach made some homophobic remarks. That is not a practice that should be allowed to continue, but it is not a firing offense in the context it occurred.

When I am on the B-Ball Court of Life, if I am dogging it, Life itself comes along and kicks me in the butt !

Cripes! A nation of zombies !


My apologies to the old time Navaho Academy Basketball team for inferring there was any problem with their basketball. The swastike is an ancient Native American - as well as Asian - symbol of life.

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