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Monday, April 22, 2013

More Pleasures of the Perverse

Hogarth The Rake's Progress
(note the two proper ladies just right of middle who are on
a little party, slumming and viewing the wretched)

What could be more appealing than a visit to Guantanamo Bay with its population of prisoners, many of whom are on hunger strike to force their captors to do something about their status. (Some have been there a whole decade or more! Wow!)
Every time we think someone is going to be released, the Congress intervenes.
It is like having our own little ant farm of suspected terrorists.

There should be trips organized on Carnival cruise ships; we could spend the day much like Londoners did in Hogarth's day having a picnic lunch viewing the crazies in the local Bedlam.
If we are there on the right day, we may get to watch a forced-feeding... sort of the flip side of forced drinking, or water-boarding.

Another little benefit of our war.


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