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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tsarnaev's Future

By helping the authorities and by being put on trial, the younger Tsarnaev will be rehabilitated.

He can no longer be a blood sacrifice like his brother was, a sacrificer and the sacrificed, the killer and the killed, playing the part of master of violence which is the focal point of our world, then succumbing to that same violence as a offering to the gods which really rule us. (And their names are unknown as yet, not merely unspoken.)
He has gone outside the stage of the Holy War, where we watch Baghdad being bombed, Saddam Hussein being hanged, Gaddafi being lynched; he has become one of those blessed by our ongoing sacrificial rites.

The saving of the younger Tsarnaev will prove our righteousness, and he will become a novice into our realm.

He may even get a job as a pundit.


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