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Monday, April 08, 2013


I do not think I ever had a "sugar crash". I have eaten 10 or 12 cookies at one sitting, and never had a sugar let down at some time afterwards. I do remember a Schwartzwalde Kirschtorte I shoveled into my mouth one morning in Toronto, and I was flying for hours, but that was the only time. And that was not a crash, more like a 'phetamine sugar rush.

I still gaze at the cookie section of the store. I like my own better. I have been thinking of chocolate chip made with unsweetened chocolate, since there is so much sweetener already in the batter.
I have also found that using some Sugar in the Raw seems to give a crystalline light crunch for the first few hours of a cookie's life. (Most cookies have a half-life of a day.) And I always make my own brown sugar from unrefined molasses and white sugar and turbinado.

I have also added agave with good results.

It is obvious that cookies are one fact of life that is grossly under-represented in literature and film. Every form of Lit. and Cinema could gain something by the inclusion of cookies. The War of the Worlds comes to mind; Battlestar Galactica; The Aspern Papers by Henry James; The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton.
The Sun Also Rises....

Batter up !

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