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Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Dark Brothers Do Basketball

Video Chief Justice of the Near Future

I looked at the Rutgers basketball video again. What I saw was a bunch of outtakes run together in rapid sequence, giving the coach the appearance of being a beast on 12-cylinders.

It reminded me of pornographic films from antiquity, specifically those produced by The Dark Brothers, who used to film much trash. I always found such films to be incredibly dull and boring. What was good was the previews: the rapid fire sequences of outtakes that moved as if there was urgent intent behind the vapid looks and sighs.

So the coach wuz fired over a Dark Brothers-type basketball porno-violence video.
The Today Show had an on-line poll yesterday, and a full   97%  of responders said the bum oughta be given his walking papers!

It used to be hard to get 97% unanimity, except back when Joe Stalin ran the Party Congresses.

If it was not true that the coach was guilty of ghastly acts, it was a defamation well invented.... and videoed.


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