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Friday, April 05, 2013

Memorial Weekends

We are off for my aunt's memorial; she passed away in her 100th year, three days after my father's funeral. A month later my first cousin passed away in his 78th year. Then just before Easter my mother's sister-in-law passed on.
My mother is now the sole survivor of her generation in the two families.

She now wants to become closer to her nephews. Two of them have expressed such a desire for a renewed intimacy, and she thinks it a good idea. So do I.
There seems to be a good deal of discord and ill-feelings floating around at our destination this weekend. I am not sure of the exact provenance of it all, but will probably hear some explanatory tales, most of which will refer to entities who are unknown to me or whom I have jumbled up in memory.

There are also some manifest eccentrics making plans to be there, so there will be many chances for shenanigans and stories to be told.

Things happen in three, and then they just keep happening. Things happening in threes obviously means something like there is a first occurrence, then a second. Anything after the second is a third occurrence, and at this point people generally stop counting.
We hope there are no further reckonings, for the list is long enough.


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