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Friday, April 26, 2013

Inflated With Propane

Why do I care about Syria?
It is more the case that I have had enough wars and enough lies to pave the way to war. I think there is something brutally amiss with our leadership, and the way in which they view the world.
For me, the War in Iraq based on a little faulty intel was a enormous karma, an act which cries out for redress, yet in the public forum is strangely ignored.

It is tantamount to what South Africa would be if Nelson Mandela had decided not to have a Reconciliation Commission:  by not facing the truth, we condemn ourselves to wander in the desert.

Everywhere I look, I see the weaponization and the covert-operation transformation of the world into a seething cesspool of violence...

... upon which we try to maintain our daily lives.

It is like trying to balance upon a water bed filled with sewage...

Or to live in a Bouncy Castle inflated with propane...


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