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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inequality of Nutrition

Canada's Only Non-GMO Corn Seed Company

GMO Corn has 14 ppm of Calcium and NON GMO corn has 6130 ppm. 437 X more.

Or, genetically modified corn is impoverished in Calcium content compared to non-genetically modifed corn.

The report in its entirety is on Moms Across America

Think about it.

To me, it represents a Nutritional Transformation of Wealth, in that the decrease in nutritional value is mirrored by an increase in profits for a corporation. There have been no increases in productivity in the corporation, nor have there been any economies instituted.
What has happened is that the value represented by nutritional ingredients has decreased on the consumer side, and this decrease is matched by an increase of profits on the corporate side.
The story of food in our lifetimes:  there are enormous profits in the reduction of food quality, taste, and nutrition; each reduction is mirrored by an increase in profits.

In essence, we are seeing more money go to the rich, while less nutrition flows to the other members of society.
Nutrition is valuable, money is valuable, and we are trading more money for less nutrition.
That must end up as some form of economic poverty. If I traded away $2 for every $1 someone gave me, it would be obvious. Similarly to trade away one valuable good for less of another is a fool's game.

That is so contrary to basic Economics that the only way that it works is the Advertising and Propaganda that makes us believe there are great benefits for the consumer and society as a whole.

I am beginning to wonder if we have ever seen a technological innovation that delivered "fair value" to the consumer.

also Mother Jones

and read the comments section in Moms Across America for a pro and con.

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