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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Why Democracy Is In Trouble (2)

 Solon of Athens and Salamis

Congress has dithered for 4 years, and shows indications that it will dither 4 more.

Furthermore, the economic lessons we have learned over the years are elusive to most of us, even at the highest level of setting policy.

Beyond this, we are rarely in control of our emotions.

If it were left up to society at large and the Media which feeds it, the great questions of the day would be handled roughly in the exact same way that the Rutgers basketball coach matter was handled.

When the time came for decisive action, the Roman Republic had the institution of Dictator, who would lead for a prescribed period of time, and then would retire from the scene. The farmer Cincinnatus performed this service twice for the state.
When Athens and Sparta found themselves tied up in knots of social conflict which defied the efforts of their assemblies, Solon and Lycurgus were given extensive powers to institute reforms, which all parties were bound to observe.

If you read the previous post Why Democracy Is In Trouble (1), you may have noted that The Federal Reserve has been our fiscal Cincinnatus, Solon, and Lycurgus. The agitation against it by people such as Ron Paul is based in profound ignorance of the dynamics of democracy, for when Cincinnatus does not heed his country's call, there are the Octavians who will.

And Octavian - Augustus Caesar - never retired.

That is why it is Congress' duty to inform itself and to lead with knowledge, not uninformed political passions.
It is Congress' job to lead, not to tear down those who are the only ones performing within the vacuum of responsibility that Congress itself has allowed to endure.


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