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Monday, April 29, 2013


Aunt Wilma's vase is not Lalique;
Phoenix Glass of glowing salt that's kasher,
brimming with the sweet of challah,
naked table putting on the dress of shabbas:
naked as in Solomon's Song,
young hearts like
gazelles of mankind
run like the dickens
to greet sundown.

for some reason, something glowing reminds me of molten salt.


Friko said...

A table bathed in sunlight. It’s beautiful. So simple, yet somehow festive.

I like the young hearts running ‘like the dickens’; The expression in conjunction with this gentle poem made me screech to a sudden halt.

Montag said...

It amazed me when I saw it.

Montag said...

I'm already changing the poem around...

Montag said...

Let me know if it worse...