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Monday, April 22, 2013

When Do I Talk About God?

Someone asked that. Since my blog has a title that mentions talking about God, when do I actually do so?

Interesting question.

First, I heartily dislike the traditional stereotypes of people who do talk about God. I dislike saccharine smiles and statues of mystic dullards. Religious people that feel the need to label the product annoy me.
Everyone looking and acting the same is a scandal that disavows the universality of God. By thinking that God's oneness must limit diversity is an improper use of analogy.

Second, I do not like traditional discourse about God. Same reasons as above. To me it sounds like someone has cut up sections of sermons and the Bible and other holy texts and cut and pasted them into a collage.

Third, we are always in the folds of the Holy. There are no degrees of separation.

Fourth, I do not wish to teach anybody anything. I do wish that I and others find the road to peace and harmony, but not on my terms nor according to my lights and interpretations, for heaven's sake!
I may as well try to wrap up the morning mist within a box and keep it to give to you for Christmas.


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