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Friday, September 13, 2013

Blown Up All Out Of Proportion

I went on record as saying that if the USA went to war in Syria, it would be a very bad thing. In fact, a very, very, very bad thing. I intimated that it would be an important step in the advent of the "four horsemen" of Karma and retribution, and all of this sort of crashed in on me when I happened to see AP photos of the so-called Syrian Free Army, and some of which obviously were mercenaries, who were not even Muslim, or observant Muslim, mercenaries at that.

It was like seeing the Abomination of Desolation standing in the holy place.

Well, that was surely an overblown bit of oratory, right?

Looking back, I did not like doing it, because such feelings and intuitions I tend to keep private, and I do not like exposing so much of myself.

However, look at what it took to divert the dogs of war!

We have witnessed what for all the world reminds me of a Frank Capra film on politics and war, where a bright-eyed, idealistic hero propounds a heroically improbable and honest and simple way to make things better, while all the older and wiser and more powerful smile and shake their heads...

... and he pulls it off! Thanks to the miracle of cinema and Frank Capra!

It's like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, but in a Purple Rose Of Cairo theater, where James Stewart has stepped down off the silver screen. He is followed by Claude Rains as Sen. Lindsay Graham and Edward Arnold as Sen. John McCain. William Demarest comes next as General Martin Dempsey, who had sent a letter to Senator Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee describing military intervention in Syria "a fool's errand". (For which opinion - in real life, not film - the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was termed "disingenuous" by Sen. McCain.)

Senators McCain and Graham

When it takes an almost miracle to change things, I do not think the original warning was overblown bombast; not a bit.
I think I was right.
Thank God for the President and the spirit of Frank Capra and Mr. Smith...


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