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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Law

A Law-Like Statement: One Does NOT Put Ice Cubes Into Wine!

The Law of God cannot be touched; it cannot be grasped; it cannot be held; it escapes the mind of man more evanescently than an open hand holding water.

No man knows the mind of God.

What we call "The Law" is a memory of our intoxication, both in joy and in fear. Fear and joy pour through us like sweat. The Law does not.

Today we think the Law is a bird in our traps.
When we try to teach and preach how to achieve spiritual renewal... absolute piety, absolute honesty, absolute truth...
we are doing nothing but breaking the neck of a songbird caught in our rational trap.

All men who thought they knew The Law and grasped the essence of The Holy have committed atrocities.

Let us look at those deeds... 


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