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Friday, September 13, 2013

Gun Advice

Do not say "Gun Controls".

Say "Responsible Gun Ownership"

Make the distinction between responsible gun ownership and irresponsible, and let it sink into the skulls of the numb.

I mean, no one wants "irresponsible" gun ownership. At that point, a "rational" system may begin to be devised.

Note:   I have emphasized "rational" because there are very few regulatory systems that can actually be characterized as "rational".

You know what I mean. At a certain point, the government gets to charge fees and taxes and set up guidelines... sort of like motorcycle helmet laws, which here in Michigan change every 5 years or so....

Here in Michigan, the concept of "rationality" is sometimes cyclical, sometimes counter-cyclical. Sometimes it disappears altogether... like the enormous number of "Four Corners" across the state where there are absolutely no signs with street names on.


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