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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Max Planck 2

Max Planck
Scientific Autobiography
"It is of paramount importance that the outside world is something independent from man, something absolute, and the quest for laws which apply to this absolute appeared to me as the most sublime scientific pursuit in life."

I notice how the great scientists seem to resemble the religious geniuses in their Quest for an absolute, whereas most scientists and people involved in religion just put in their time; Science, Religion... it's a job, like any other.
What do they seek?
I would not say "a higher power", because I find the concept vague and uninformative.

The proper pursuit of mankind is that Quest that never ends.
An Absolute never ends.
It is a mistake to conceive of the absolute being limited. The Absolute can be approached, but only asymptotically.
If the Absolute were to be grasped, if it were indeed possible to place the Infinite into that grain of sand, then the Absolute would be a parvenu and given the bum's rush...

It is Absolute in that it is absolutely beyond the language and logic and imaging available to us.

It is only available to unformed and meditative intuition. In that moment, we do touch God.


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