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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Finally... 1984 !

War is Peace when waged from afar by fighter aircraft or by drones.
It is a "time-out" for the Syrian regime.
It is how we "teach" proper democracy, as we did in Iraq and Egypt and ever so many places.
The rebels, even when eating hearts, never earned a "time-out".

Our Secretary of State would have us believe that by committing an act of war, we would somehow not be committing an act of war, nor would we be in violation of international law.

It appears that Mr. Kerry believes that an air strike or two are - well, not walks in the park - but neither are they "war". By having no "boots on the ground" in Syria proper - although there are plenty near-by, say in Turkey and such other places - there is no fault, no war.

It is indeed interesting to finally see Orwell's  1984 coming home to roost.
War Is Peace.

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