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Monday, September 09, 2013

Wind Farm Mortality

 A Cuisinart For Four and Twenty - Or More - Blackbirds

Wind farms, although green with respect to energy, are red and bloody with respect to the local flying population.

Hiding “Avian Mortality”: Where ‘Green’ is Red (Part I: Altamont Pass)

by Jim Wiegand
September 4, 2013

“The wind industry is hiding over 90% of the bird and bat mortality caused by their turbines. This statement is supported by the industry’s own data and reasonable adjustments for its manipulations.”

“The wind industry is … producing faulty, misleading and even fraudulent documents to hide the serious and growing mortality. This situation has continued for years but has been shielded by state and federal agencies and other supporters of wind power.”

A “green energy” wildlife genocide is depopulating wildlife habitats across the world where vital species once found refuge. Industrial wind turbines have invaded these habitats and are devastating bird and bat species.

Bats control insects, and birds often are pollinators...

I believe that the case has been made that the only successful large-scale energy resource is and will be solar. I shall look it up. I have a reference somewhere. Read the above in the meantime.


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