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Friday, September 20, 2013

FOX News Tries To Jump Start The Apolcalypse

Neil Cavuto, a hitherto likeable dolt on FOX, has propounded the theory that conflicts in Syria will usher in the End of Times, a theory not original with him, but new to the 24 hour cycle of News.
It reminds you of those people who thought Ahmadinejad wanted a bomb to start the End of Times according to some apocalyptical belief of the Twelver Shi'as of Iran.
(As an aside, just how many ways are there to jump start the Apocalypse?!)

First, I think it is refreshing that Corporate Media America feels comfortable in disclosing its insanity so nonchalantly.

Second, if Syria is the harbinger, why Syria, O, FOX-entities?

Is it because that, once upon a time long ago, upon the plains of Damascus a certain crime was committed?

What crime was perpetrated upon the Damascene plain? Anyone? Anyone?


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