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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Educational Genocide And The Teaching Of Cursive Handwriting

 To Waste A Mind Is A Terrible Thing

Even people that cannot write in cursive, but solely use the print form of writing - what I think we used to call "using block letters" when I was a kid -  often have illegible writing.

So many people are not even being taught to write in block letters, much less cursive.

That's why the whole question of cursive sounds phoney: educators already are failing with the simpler form of writing, so the question about cursive is posed to make a diversion.

Cursive is faster and quicker.
If a person need to write, then cursive would free them up to
(a) save time, and
(b) get their ideas down faster, which is important if the ideas are new and still malleable in the mind.

To deprive children of a fast and efficient form of setting down their thoughts is yet what I consider another form of "educational genocide" being perpetrated in this country.
The decline of all education is a CRIME, for it deprives people of the ability to elucidate their thoughts and refine them and try to make them precise. Inferior education destroys minds and people.

This entire business of restricting Voting Rights is a form of marginalization which does not even begin to approach the horror of wiping out the thoughts of entire generations of peoples!


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