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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Navy Yard Shooting As An Acceptable Statistic

The shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C....
are they an acceptable statistic, or are they not?

If these deaths are not acceptable, then how shall we, as a weaponized society, deal with guns and weapons, in order that such things do not happen with such frequency?

Nobody knows.

The NRA does not know. It has done its job in ensuring that all people will have their right to bear arms not infringed, and they have  secured the recall of politicians that sought to have controls upon gun ownership.

The case is as follows:


(1) the killings at the Navy Yard are an acceptable statistic, and part of normal life in a weaponized society, or

(2) they are not acceptable. If they are not acceptable, then how do we address them?

Does anyone have any ideas that could be implemented?

If I were a politician and implemented some gun control, I would be recalled, and my controls be overturned. Therefore, nothing can be done by anyone at this time.

And it is this very impossibility of doing anything right now that forces us, willy-nilly, to accept the deaths as reasonable and normal feature of society.

How do we explain it otherwise? Are we to say that such killings are unacceptable, yet we as a society cannot find it within ourselves to amend the situation?

Are we that mad?


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