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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Great Expectations

 Shallow Water

I may not be writing a great deal for a few days. With the prospect of a government shut down, I withdraw from current events. If the House is arguing, they should not seek to entangle me in their tortile arguments.

I seek sanctuary from the Present.

Right now, I am watching Lincoln on Showtime, and Secretary Seward is referring to the House as a "rat pack". Harsh words. The question is whether they are apt.

I have stated that I do not believe in God.

I have no "belief systems" in the area of religion.

I expect God.

Now, the question is whether this is a mere playing with words, or do I actually have some deep waters here, and not merely shallows whose turbidity impedes perception, and disguises how little draft there is.

If I expect God, when I come into contact with the Holy, I shall be experiencing everything possible, for I have not put any blinders of dogma over my eyes.

I shall be swept by the infinity of detail in the past, present, and the future.

If on the other hand, I believe and have a "belief system" and am a creature of dogma, I shall see only that which I have trained myself through long years to see.

To expect is the anticipation of a primary and intimate relationship, and it is to be amazed. It is not the mere filling in of blanks of a catechism. It is not data-driven religiosity of memorized Bible passages.

Great Expectations.

Deep Water

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