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Monday, September 23, 2013

Republicans Cut Food Stamps!

Maybe the Republicans think that Food Stamps put the WIC into Wicca.
They have made important decisions based upon goofier beliefs than that one.

(1) The gap between the wealthy and the rest of the population is increasing rapidly,
(2) Wages have been stagnating for years,
(3) Medical costs are increasing exponentially,
(4) There is inflation; it is low, but it is greater than any interest rate you can get on a low risk investment,
(5) There is no vigorous job growth,
(6) Most new jobs are low wage,
(7) Pensions are being cut, taxed, and reneged on...........

Does this not imply that most of us will be "poor" sometime soon.

Therefore, we shall need Food Stamps, will we not ?

Or, what have I missed here?


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