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Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Bump To The East


Al Jazeera's Nicole Johnston reports:

Lawyers for Palestinian Bedouins say they have seen an unofficial Israeli plan for a new town, which will house thousands forced to leave their land in the West Bank.

But Bedouins say the move is a first step towards clearing an area of Palestinian land controlled by Israel known as the Ma'ale Adumim bubble.
The Jahalin tribe that lives in the Ma'ale Adumim bubble say Israel has told them they’ll be moved to an area near Jericho, along the border with Jordan.

(click on map to enlarge)

Jerusalem on the left, Ma'ale Madumim marked "A" on the right, east of Jerusalem. There may be an effort to establish contiguity with Jerusalem, whose border is separated from Ma'ale Madumim by a few kilometers.

Is the forced movement of populations is a hallmark of liberal democracies? It is a hallmark of our times, however. How shall we characterize our times?

 "Tell us what was the appearance of the moon?" "I went up, replied he," to Ma'ale Adumim, and I saw it crouching between two rocks. Its head was like a calf, its ears like a goat, its horns like a stag, and its tail was lying across its thigh. I gazed upon it and shuddered, and fell backwards...
The Babylonian Talmud


Friko said...

“Ah well, that’s modern Israel, what can we do?”

I see no one hanging their head in shame. Or protesting.
Not in the West, anyway.

Montag said...

I have no idea what good any of this is doing for us anymore.

It is odd that with all the manner and ways we have of communicating, there is no one who can explain where we are headed.