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Sunday, March 03, 2013

John Kerry Toes The Light Fantastic

It is against the law in several European states to deny the Holocaust.

Holocaust denial also goes against the prevailing narrative of Western society. If one were to deny the Holocaust, it would identify them at once as a third worlder..., probably an Iranian politician.

The President of Turkey recently had some harsh words about Zionism.
John Kerry, predictably and in keeping with the Prevailing Narrative, condemned the words.

When one considers that there a number of Orthodox Jews who very much disapprove of Zionism, it becomes clear that there is a deep subject here which precludes the quick and nimble jetée of John Kerry.

I believe the Turkish guy was asking the question that many Jews ask:

Does Zionism legitimize every act of violence?

Anyone who wants a meaningful left to rise up in Israel must first air out Zionism in the attic. By Gideon Levy | Feb.12, 2009 | 2:07 AM
...This taboo must be broken. It is permissible not to be a Zionist, as commonly defined today. It is permissible to believe in the Jews' right to a state and yet come out against the Zionism that engages in occupation. It is permissible to believe that what happened in 1948 should be put on the agenda, to apologize for the injustice and act to rehabilitate the victims. It is permissible to oppose an unnecessary war from its very first day. It is permissible to think that the Arabs of Israel deserve the same rights - culturally, socially and nationally - as Jews. It is permissible to raise disturbing questions about the image of the Israel Defense Forces as an army of occupation, and it is even permissible to want to talk to Hamas...
Tolle, lege!  Pick up and read!

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