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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Break

 John Locke

I am going to take a break from posting.

I am going to read me some Hegel.

Heck of a break...

My research into Ender's Game has led me to Hegel. Fancy that. Who would have guessed? I mean, why couldn't have been some popular continental philosopher-type? Why not Foucault? Why Hegel?

I remember that I always got Frege and Hegel sort of mixed... not "mixed up", but "mixed together".
"Frege" came out of memory as "Fregel", and "Hegel" was something like "Hege", or - more often - "Hegele", by forcing out the "l" then adding the "e" from "Frege"....,  and Hegele would mean "little Hegel".
That would lead to "Fregele", and before you knew it, Heine, the poet, had morphed into "Heinele".

Referring to some of the greatest minds of Germany as "little so-and-so" with such an extensive use of endearing diminutives led to an unhealthy familiarity with the philosophy of Imannuel (whom I called "Manny") Kant.

I had done the same thing with the English philosophers, and had the unpleasant experience of being abruptly dropped by Locke. He positively gave me the air, and at the next regatta, the seat next to him was taken by Hume.
Once we had been buddies, but no more.
I think Berkeley was the fly in that ointment. He was the jealous type.


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