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Thursday, November 07, 2013

What's Wrong In Dar Al Islam?

BBC today:
Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will, a variety of sources have told BBC Newsnight.
While the kingdom's quest has often been set in the context of countering Iran's atomic programme, it is now possible that the Saudis might be able to deploy such devices more quickly than the Islamic republic.
Earlier this year, a senior Nato decision maker told me that he had seen intelligence reporting that nuclear weapons made in Pakistan on behalf of Saudi Arabia are now sitting ready for delivery...

The House of Islam is ill.
Yet we must remember that our ally, Israel, has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement, and by all accounts has some nukes, which just makes a fiasco out of trying to act even-handed.

The Saudi royal elite  has shown how useless they are by not being able to process uranium, but going to Pakistan for their needs. Oil money will save them the need to actually create things.

A week or so ago, there was a big story on the women of the country driving cars and defying the religious police.
Of course, the big stories should be the evil of the ruling class, who foment civil wars and buy nuclear arms to fight in sectarian strife.

What a paradoxical and ironic turn of events it would be if we realize that Iran may be the sane and civil state in the region... a surprise exceeding that of our finding out that Russia has good ideas and can save our bacon in Syria.


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