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Monday, November 18, 2013

Massive Spying For What Purpose?

What good did the eavesdropping on the cellphone of Angela Merkel of Germany do? Was it part of the War on Terror? Spying on the German leader was part of the War on Terror? Was there a fear that our NATO allies were thinking of becoming Islamists?

What was it, other than a disgusting and arrogant demonstration of unprincipled power?

That is what we have become as the fabric of our society falls apart.

When Rome was declining, the really big disasters were few and far between. Mostly it was just a slow and quiet unraveling about the seams of society, infrastructure ceasing to be quickly and efficiently repaired, and a reliance upon brute force rather than diplomacy and smarts.
That's what the massive surveillance state has become: brutish and mindless sucking up of information....

We'll create a rationale and motive when we need to!


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