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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Smell Of Mendacity?

There are accounts being given of bad outcomes of the Affordable Care Act. Since we are just off a three week shut down of the government started by a man of the moral standing of Ted Cruz, we might be well off to ask whether all the stories are based in a commonly shared reality.

In point, The Booman Tribune analyzes:

Another ObamaCare Liar
I hate to have to keep doing this, but Lori Gottlieb is complaining about ObamaCare in the pages of the New York Times. She claims that her health insurance carrier dropped her coverage and that she will have to pay $5,400 more annually than she was paying in order to get a new policy. From the article, I learned that she is 46 years old, a single mom, and a self-employed psychotherapist.

To try to get an idea of how much she will need to pay for insurance, I had to make a few assumptions. I assumed that she lives in Los Angeles County (since she used a Los Angeles byline), although she might not. And I don't know how many children she has, so I gave her two. Psychotherapists generally make a good living, but Ms. Gottlieb suggested that she narrowly exceeded the cut-off to be eligible for a subsidy. The cut-off for a family of three is $76,360 so I decided to be generous and assume she makes $80,000 a year. Using the Covered California shop and compare tool, the cheapest Bronze plan Ms. Gottlieb is eligible for will cost $426/mo (L.A. Care Covered Bronze 60). That's an annual cost of $5,112. How does that square with this claim?

Well worth the read.
As the old saying goes, truth oft is in the ear of the beholder.


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