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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lest We Forget

We should not forget the good we can do, nor should we forget the evil:

For a full year or more before the March 2003 invasion, the neo-cons and their major media outlets - notably, the Weekly Standard, the National Review Online, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the New York Post and Fox News - kept up a virtually daily drumbeat of op-ed articles, television appearances, selective leaks to the mainstream media by their confreres within the administration with only one aim in mind - to persuade the public that Saddam Hussein represented such a threat that he could only be dealt with by military means.  

As the invasion drew near, the AEI, the movement's de facto headquarters, drew scores of reporters to its weekly "black coffee briefings", where such neo-con worthies as Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, then-Defense Policy Board chairman Richard Perle, former CIA director James Woolsey and Iraq National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, held forth on the evils of the Ba'athist regime and the regional implications of the forthcoming "liberation" of the Iraq people.  

The carefully orchestrated and coordinated drumbeat for war four years ago has been nowhere in evidence with respect to Iran over the past month when, judging by their writings and television experiences, they have appeared far more concerned with the growing public and Congressional pressure to begin withdrawing US troops from Iraq and prevent Bush from adding more forces there.

The Iraq War was the Triumph des Willens, the triumph of the Neoconservative American WILL, whereby the Neocon USA shall dream itself into its schizoid persona of Starship Trooper , and destroy the terror spawn of Saddam. We also were able to get the Vietnam monkey off our back. (I'm afraid we shall find the Vietnam monkey was rather light compared to the Iraq gorilla which will haunt us hence.)

Will the Neoconservatives ever be brought to justice?


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