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Saturday, November 30, 2013


 Mr. Murdoch And His Newspaper

Read Russell Brand's description of Rupert Murdoch and his maleficent company, Newscorp.
It is memorable.
...The pain, disruption and distress, that the Sun inflicted by falsely claiming that I cheated on my girlfriend, in the context of such awesome corruption, is a pale liver-spot on the back of Murdoch's glabrous claw...
Now "glabrous" means a surface devoid of hair, and in this case, referring to the human  body could mean devoid of hair or pubescent hair.
The picture of Mr. Murdoch's ancient hands stripped of their youthful hirsute covering, and now festooned with liver-spots is ghastly in its perfection of detail.

I will not cross either of these gentlemen.


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