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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Getting ready for Thanksgiving Day. We shall go to my mother's tonight, and spend the night trying to be comfortable in the 73 degree heat she has the thermostat set for. If we dodge the heat, we might run into the high decibel audio from the TV set playing in the den across from the guest bedroom.

We shall give thanks for our health, family, friends;

I shall give thanks for having President Obama instead of some other choice as President: either a rich Thurston Howell III who represents 1% or a "My Name Is Earl" type like a Randy Hickey, only unlikeable.

I shall give thanks for the President on his own merits, too, not merely because the opposition is boundlessly inferior.

Give thanks for the country and its well-being; give thanks that we did not bomb more countries and managed to make headway with healing over old wounds with old enemies, perhaps paving the way for peace.

And a special Thanksgiving Award goes to Edward Snowden this year, a man who revealed just how much of our freedom we had given away, and not one person in the Government, Congress, nor Executive was going to step forward and bear witness to the outrageous grab for power by the NSA.

Thank you, Edward Snowden!
We owe you a great debt !

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