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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ender's Game and Captain Phillips

The Neverland Ocean

Having seen the film, I am re-reading Ender's Game. I find that I am fascinated by it.

The early part of the story was written in 1977, and the novel in its entirety was published in book form by 1991. Some of the detail seems dated and anachronistic, some seems timeless.

We saw the movie Captain Phillips yesterday.
Having had the wonderful opportunity to have experienced children soldiers as well as real pirates in the real world, no longer confined to Sir James M. Barrie's imaginary Neverland of Peter Pan and his band of Lost Boys, we find that we appreciate the fine line between fantasy and fact.

We find it disappearing more and more; the longer we stare at it, the invisibler it gets.
Check out just how many acts of piracy have been committed in 2013. Just because you have not read about them does not mean they did not occur. 

I mentioned that in movie Fight Club the final scenes show a number of buildings in the Wall Street financial district crumbling down into dust, as the explosives that Project Mayhem has placed about their foundations - in the manner of Omar Abdul Rahman's 1993 attempt against the World Trade Center.
I did not see the film Fight Club until well after the 2001 World Trade Center bombing.
Having seen real buildings fall into dust made Fight Club - which before 2001 I would have thought tedious - into a compelling and deep bit of business and dramatic foreshadowing.

Works of fictions foretell the future, then the future comes into being and echoes the fiction. The feedback loop is approaching a terrible screeching of amplifiers in the hands of maniac roadies.


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