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Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Is Faith?

 William Ralph Inge

There are Faith and Unfaith, Good and Evil, the True and the False.

What are we of the 21st century to believe?

I echo William Ralph Inge, who said that Faith is the choice of the Nobler hypothesis.
And I wish to extend it to choice of the nobler alternative offered to any moral agent.
Thus, we extend Faith far beyond the concept "Dogma".
(We may say that the extra ingredient of moral logic, mentioned in is this nobility of choice; the extra something of moral logic is Virtue.)

If two or more possibilities of action or attitude are possible, then it is good, it is faithful, and it is true to choose that which is noble and which ennobles; it is good faith to choose the way of blameless honor and virtue. It is good to choose that which does not degrade.

These things we know. We know honor, even as society chooses to ignore it. We know nobility of behavior and bearing. We know virtue even though it if hidden from the glare of publicity.

We become noble as we choose nobility; we become honorable as we choose loyalty and honor. It is not easy now, and never has been.
We have a lot to do to instill Faith into the world.


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