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Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Phenomenology Of Faith

Jonathan Pryce in Brazil

Faith is Freedom.

It can be the most pervasive and radical freedom of humanity; it may transcend the material world.

That is the reason why there can be no compulsion in religious faith: faith itself is the antithesis of compulsion.
Faith gives us the wings to fly freely above the event horizon of what we believe to be the facts of dogmatic reality, and thus to escape the black hole of belief systems.

If free will is not exercised, it atrophies into a sullen accidie that often looks to the various forms of slavery and bondage to get the pleasure of being that it can no longer derive from freedom.

Faith is the freedom to find belief, but it is not belief itself. Belief is merely the door to something greater.
A belief system is a crowded complex of mirrored doors, all leading to each other, and all creating an infinite reflection of the same image.
A door is meant to be gone through, and then to be left behind...
A door is not meant to be returned to time after time and creating an eternal loop of life as a revolving door from birth to death with no exit into something greater...

Faith is Freedom.


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