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Friday, November 22, 2013

Education Is...

... just about everything.

Education the word comes from Latin educere, educare,  meaning to lead (ducere, ducare) out of (e,ex)

Perfect. It leads draws things out of us, things we did not know we had, did not know we were capable of: music, philosophy, religion, painting, sports, reading, writing...

And not just the usual things. We can be parents, and we can learn to be the best. We can tend the sick, and we can find unusual abilities to do our best that had been marvelously hidden in some of us. We can work with people and neighborhoods, and some of us have the knack and it has to be developed.

When our education system does not work, we are not merely not creating enough engineers and technical people; we are not merely falling behind in science, although that seems to be the focus of the media when it talks about education.
We are falling behind in everything!

Bad education is tantamount to genocide of the mind it suffocates the people. Parenting is not developed, nursing the sick is ignored, science falls by the wayside, people are ignorant of reading and cannot express themselves in writing.

Bad education short changes every pursuit and activity in a society.
That is why countries with good educational system will eventually come to the forefront, not because they have merely more engineers, but because they have people who have discovered themselves, people who have been "drawn out" into the light of day.


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